The Essentials for Sustainable Progress

 Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company with sales conducted in approximately 150 countries. We are dedicated to improving well-being through our products and solutions, essentials for everyday life.

Meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a huge undertaking that requires work by governments as well as companies. Collaboration and new partnerships are therefore required. As consumers we need to make sustainable choices, and companies must help customers and consumers with responsible products and solutions. Raising hygiene and health standards is at the core of Essity´s vision and strategic framework, and we aim to make this happen through combining our expertise in hygiene and health with innovation and efficiency throughout our value chain.

Our approach to sustainability is that we use our consumer research, insight and knowledge as a basis for our sustainability efforts. Our innovations are based on our three platforms: well-being, more from less and circularity. Working together in partnership with our customers, we address future demands.

Essity enables more people every day to enjoy a fuller life by developing sustainable products and services for hygiene and health, educating consumers and professionals, and preventing the spread of diseases and other health risks. We want to contribute to a society where everyone can fully participate, and we therefore work to break the silence around issues such as menstruation and incontinence. But also, to make knowledge about hygiene and health available to customers and consumers and ensuring access to affordable and sustainable solutions to help them lead a healthy and dignified life.

That is why we educate more than 2.5 million people in hygiene and health every year. Business value is created while meeting societal needs. This offers more people an opportunity to work, better conditions to provide for their families and increased well-being. Essity´s ambition by 2030 is to improve the well-being of 2 billion people every day. Delivering on the SDGs will improve the world and create business opportunities for us.

 Essity aim to contribute to a sustainable and circular society, by designing solutions for sustainable consumption, meeting consumer and customer needs with better, safe and environmentally sound products and services. We develop and implement new products and services that meet future demands in a circular society. Delivering on Essity circularity objective means that we work to reduce, reuse or recycle, all materials, establishing partnerships for customer and consumer waste management. Our ambition by 2030 is to reduce our environmental footprints by 33%. One of our targets to achieve this is that all material and energy will be recovered from all waste from all production units by 2030.

 Essity welcomes the global commitment and leadership needed to meet the world’s challenges holistically through the SDGs. As a company providing hygiene and health solutions we can directly contribute to meeting the SDGs and by partnering with others who share the same challenges and opportunities, Essity will create synergies that enhance our contribution and we invite stakeholders to participate in raising the hygiene and health standards worldwide.