Supporting Healthy Lifestyle

A big challenge in the pharma industry is treatment adherence and hence efficacy. If you for some reason dislike taking your medication or supplements, there is a risk you do not get the right treatment and efficacy is dropping immediately. Parameters such as format, flavour, size, mouthfeel, convenience, discreteness, etc. have a significant influence on the extent to which people follow the recommendations from their doctor or pharmacist. It is a well-known fact that many people dislike swallowing pills. This is a real challenge for children and elderly, but also for many adults. Hence, treatment adherence is at risk. We take pride in developing quality alternatives to those that find it difficult to swallow a pill.

 Fertin is a dynamic, leading contract developer and manufacturer (CDMO) with a global platform of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for intra oral delivery. We develop solutions for consumers within the area of smoking cessation (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), acid reflux, oral care, pain, respiratory health, for example cough and cold or allergy as well as vitamins and dietary supplements, like energy, vitamins, and probiotics. Our mission is to support healthier living with a vision of making convenient drug delivery simple.

 The relevance of our business model is increasing. For several reasons. Megatrends like ‘health consciousness’, ‘global growth and increased wealth’, ‘demographic development with the ever increasing populations of elderlies’ and a general trend in most generations ‘focusing on an active lifestyle’ support an increasing need for new and innovative health solutions within pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

A good example of several of these trends jointly influencing the demand for our products is the rapid tightening of tobacco laws in many emerging markets creating a need for efficient offerings within tobacco cessation. Here our NRT portfolio of gums and lozenges is an efficient solution supporting consumer health while at the same time being cost-benefit wise to society.

Fertin has an over 100-year-old legacy within the area of developing and manufacturing confectionery chewing gum concepts. In the 90ies, Fertinexperienced an increasing interest in the challenges related to smoking, a deadly habit very difficult for many tobacco users to quit. This fact combined with Fertin’s capability within chewing gum, paved Fertin’s way into the area of medicated chewing gum as we developed our first products aimed at smoking cessation. Later, the capabilities built led Fertin into other intra oral delivery systems like lozenges and Zapliq®.

 Certain Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are well delivered through the buccal mucosa bypassing the first pass metabolism leading to a faster onset of action compared to GI absorption. A delivery system like chewing gum is particularly relevant in this context.

Since the launch of the first nicotine gum, Fertin has expanded the range of intra oral delivery formats. What all our products have in common is that they offer the consumer convenience, discreteness and a more pleasant experience when having to take medication compared to, for example, a pill.

 Developing new and innovative solutions of convenient drug delivery is expensive and time consuming. As a CDMO, Fertin joins forces with strong partners that can take our products to the consumer. Hence, our proven track record of attracting these partners is crucial as we want to reach as many patients and consumers as possible fast with our innovative delivery systems.

Our latest invention called Zapliq® is a great example of how this works. It offers an excellent taste masking and allows the patient to take their medication without water. When chewing Zapliq®, it rapidly converts from solid form to liquid making it as easy to swallow as a sip of water. Following our intense R&D process to develop this technology we are now working with large multinationals within pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and FMCG to develop specific versions that suits our partners’ brand and product portfolio to the benefit of the consumer.

 One of the key issues in our industry is efficacy. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop products to patients and consumers helping them live their lives as they please. If a medication is unpleasant or inconvenient, there is a high risk that people take the medication in too a dosage or in little of the medication or taking it the wrong way. If the medication is pleasurable and considered convenient, people comply with recommendations, and are more likely to actually obtain the effect of the medication, and hence get well and get on with their active lifestyles as fast as possible.