Solutions for Digital Transformation from Johnson Controls

What is a smart building? How can a building do more for those who own and occupy it? Donal Sullivan, vice president and general manager, Johnson Controls Ireland, along with his team, detail how the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and cloud technologies has revolutionized the industry, driving better use of resources, energy and time.

 Take a tour of the Johnson Controls headquarters in Cork, Ireland — from the building exterior and entrance, outfitted with access control, video analytics and other security technology, into the heart of the facility — to learn how these technologies are integrated with fire protection technologies, smart lifts and other smart building technologies to ensure safe and secure employees and visitors. See how all of these systems can be managed from a central location, allowing for proactive and intelligent management.

 Johnson Controls has been at the forefront of innovation in building and environment management since the invention of the first electric thermostat in 1883, and uses this unique breadth of experience and understanding to continually advance building capabilities for customers. From Johnson Controls Enterprise Management to Assurance Services to the powerful Digital Twin platform, Johnson Controls offers the platforms, applications and services to support your journey through digital transformation and ensure you most effectively manage, optimize and maintain your facility.