Novartis has played a leading role in this transformation, bringing breakthrough medicines to patients around the world. We are one of only three pharmaceutical companies in the world to gain approval for more than 100 therapies since the US Food and Drug Administration took its current form in 1930. We make medicines that treat malaria, keep hearts beating longer, help lungs breathe, and help eyes continue to see. We help make transplants possible, clear diseased skin, make cancers recede, and even reprogram cells. 

Novartis products reach more than 800 million people globally, but billions more lack access to essential medicines and healthcare. So we need to challenge ourselves to bring the benefits of our medicines to more people in a sustainable way and to further expand our impact on society. We have therefore embarked on a journey to shift the way we do business and reimagine how to expand access to critical healthcare innovations. 

In late 2017, we adopted the Novartis Access Principles to systematically integrate access strategies into how we research, develop and deliver our new medicines globally. These strategies include adopting innovative pricing and access models, refocusing research and development based on society’s healthcare needs, and supporting approaches to strengthen healthcare systems. This change will take time and have its challenges. We will need to join forces with like-minded partners across sectors and industries (SDG 17) to help lower barriers to healthcare delivery and maximize our impact on human health. 

We are committed to continually measuring our progress and being transparent in our achievements and failures, so those learnings can inform new models and practices across our industry.