OSHCO’s commitment to Sustainability: A Corporate Home for All

Olayan Saudi Holding Company (OSHCO) is The Olayan Group’s commercial arm comprised of a wide range of operating companies engaging in distribution, manufacturing and services in the Middle East. OSHCO’s journey and history are interlinked with its founder, Suliman Saleh Olayan. Throughout his fifty-five year career, he instilled a culture of embracing diversity and harnessing it, not only to sustain the business, but propel us, and our respective communities, forward. By setting this tone at the company’s inception, OSHCO’s second generationcontinued the commitment to organically support diversity by ensuring its institutional implementation across all facets of our business; literally, from the ground–up. Embracing diversity to sustain growth, for our business and our people–internally and within our communities, has always been second nature to us. Now, more than ever, with the global pledge to achieve the SDG’s, OSHCO, along with its various stakeholders, stands firm in its principle to afford access to opportunities to any capable individual showcasing the desire to grow and actualize his/her full potential. When we grow as individuals; we grow as a company and we better our communities. This model has proven to be successful for us–we remain steadfast in our intent and its implementation.