Microcredit is an opportunity to transform Brazilian’s lives for the better

In the map of the world economy, Brazil occupies the eighth position in the list of the 10 richest nations of the planet. However, with a population of more than 208 million people, the country lives with problems such as extreme poverty and lack of jobs and opportunities. To change this reality, microentrepreneurship has been the path chosen by thousands of Brazilians.

Banco do Brasil saw the productive potential of this population and, through its activities in markets such as business and agribusiness, used its experience to offer guidance and to provide specific credit to transform the lives of people who take their livelihood from their development.

The targeting of credit lines and financing for the development of the regional economy and for the insertion of workers in the market has proven to be an effective tool for reducing poverty, combating hunger and creating educational opportunities. The effects of this work align Banco do Brasil with the objectives of Sustainable Development, published by the United Nations.

Over the last few years, one of the difficulties that the Bank of Brazil has been working to shorten the path of microentrepreneurs to credit is related to the orientation of the population on the financing options for the development of their productive activities. The diagnosis, obtained from the reports of employees involved in microcredit and also from entrepreneurs who have become clients of Banco do Brasil, ratify the need to promote dialogue, to strengthen the relationship and to bring information and simplified solutions to new entrepreneurs and those who have already acquired business maturity to expand their activities and generate new jobs.

The importance of microcredit is demonstrated when we see the transformative effects of small amounts of credit on the lives of microentrepreneurs, which shows us that this is a viable way to generate income and contribute to the migration of part of the population that is included in the poverty statistics to the brighter and more dignified side of the Brazilian economy.

Banco do Brasil takes care of what is valuable to people, and microcredit has changed the lives of Margarida and Rosa, who tell the difference between their lives before and after the Bank of Brazil in their lives. This is the work of Banco do Brasil and what makes the eyes of all employees shine.