Making buildings healthier

The VELUX Group helps create healthy and comfortable living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air through roofs into homes and other buildings. Our products make buildings brighter and better ventilated and more sustainable at the same time.

Through partnerships, user-centric innovation and research, we strive to continuously improve products, processes, buildings and societies. We seek to inspire not only our customers but also government, regulators and the building industry to create buildings with good indoor climates, efficient energy consumption and a minimal environmental impact.

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors and poor indoor air quality can affect our health and productivity. For example, people are 40% more likely to develop asthma when living in a damp or mouldy home, and poor indoor air quality can affect productivity at work by 10%.

VELUX therefore aims to share knowledge about the benefits of fresh air to raise awareness of the dangers of poor air quality on our overall health.

VELUX also highlights the positive effect of natural light on our health. Daylight is essential for sustainable urban development and is an important factor to consider when designing new and renovating existing buildings.

The VELUX Group supports the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Through our products and solutions, we strive for ‘good health and well-being’ (SDG 3) in buildings to create ‘sustainable cities and communities’ (SDG 11), and we do this via ‘partnerships for the goals’ (SDG 17).

VELUX products are part of the solution to achieving good health and well-being and to creating sustainable cities and communities. Access to daylight and fresh air are important elements to ensure comfortable indoor climates so that healthy living, working and learning environments can be enjoyed by billions of people all over the world.