Leveraging digital solutions to empower an autonomous future

A report released by the G20’s Global Infrastructure Hub and Oxford Economics estimates that $100 trillion by 2040 is needed to meet infrastructure demand.

In the same year, more than 60 per cent of the world’s population is expected to live in urban centres, an increase of more than 10 per cent.

Police departments, fire brigades and other public safety organisations are increasingly called upon to find quicker and more efficient means to keep these growing cities safe. Other professionals, such as surveyors, urban planners, construction professionals, government officials and more, are also affected by these rapid changes.

Hexagon recognises these challenges and is committed to leveraging cross-industry domain expertise in sensor technologies, software, and autonomous intelligence. By putting data to work to converge the physical and digital worlds, Hexagon creates Smart Digital Realities™ that improve productivity and quality.

Smart Digital Realities represent a shift away from “things” that are hidden, lost, or incomplete to digitally accessible; a shift away from “things” that are siloed and disconnected to infinitely connected; and a shift away from simple automation of tasks and processes to autonomous intelligence. This applies to specific industry challenges in the following ways:


1) Digitally Accessible 

When everything is captured so a complete digital picture is provided, then a business, construction site, or city can be truly understood. When that picture is augmented with data, from history to statistics, only then can the best possible decision based on all the information be made.


2) Infinitely Connected

While digitising something may provide a complete picture of any one situation, connecting data from multiple outlets into one unified system provides access for all stakeholders to have one transparent understanding of the entire situation. This enables Internet of Things (IoT) to work across platforms.


3) Autonomously Intelligent 

Digital solutions are meant to remove blind spots, to limit “you don’t know what you don’t know.” When technologies are created with autonomy in mind, artificial intelligence complements users’ intelligence for a formidable paring, increasing efficiency and productivity.  

The gap between what’s technologically possible and how organisations are leveraging technology is growing. Hexagon is dedicated to accelerating digital maturation, committed to empowering an autonomous future by shaping smart change. This means leveraging digital solutions to fundamentally change the way business gets done to bring users to and through digital transformation in a way that benefits them and the larger ecosystems of which they are a part.

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