Leonardo: enabling a sustainable future

For Leonardo, sustainability is a way of doing business looking at the future, finding a constant balance between resources and external challenges. It means to be “an attractive and reliable employer, investing in people and skills, a catalyst for technological progress, a trusted partner to local districts and communities, solid on the financial market”, explains Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, in this video. 

With its heritage of technological innovation, 46 thousand employees and industrial presence in Italy, the UK, the US, and Poland, Leonardo is committed to 4 SDGs, aligned with its Industrial Plan and consistent with its purpose and value drivers. “Creating highly qualified jobs and attracting talent is a responsibility and a strategic need” says Raffaella Luglini, Chief Stakeholder Officer of Leonardo.

SDG4: Qualitity Education

Today Leonardo has more than 30 thousand people with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background. Through collaborations with universities and research centers, innovation hubs and laboratories, Leonardo aims to cultivate interest in STEM from an early age and promote scientific citizenship. 
Leonardo’s STEM ambassadors play a crucial role in engaging and inspiring young people. 900 opportunities for school and university students have been activated in 2018, among internships, apprenticeships and training courses. About her experience as a STEM ambassador, Kris Harrison says “We help them to apply what they’ve learnt to solving real world problems as part of a team. These are the skills that will help them to become our engineers of tomorrow”.

SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Leonardo spends 8 billion euro in the procurement of goods and services, 76% of which is purchased from 4 domestic markets, with a strong focus on supporting SMEs. Its development projects “creates the mindset of continuous improvement and brings a 2-way approach to the management of risks and opportunities” explains Andy Brown, Procurement Director at Leonardo. In the UK Leonardo is a founding partner of Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21), promoting industry competitiveness, and in Italy a new company project, LEAP 2020 (Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnerships), has been launched to boost suppliers’ capacity and technical excellence.

SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

With 9,000 people dedicated to research and development activities, 12% of revenues invested in R&D, 200 research projects and partnerships, the company approach on innovation is based on collaborations with the academic world, public institutions, start-ups, believing in cross-fertilization of ideas. Also by testing unconventional method, as the one described by Ludovica Rendine, the Project Leader of Innovathon, a 24-hours marathon of ideas for boosting innovation in the hackathon format.

SDG13: Climate Action

Technology’s role is fundamental to monitor the land and marine ecosystems and manage those factors that threaten their existence. By earth observation and elaborating images coming from satellite systems, drones and meteorological radars, Leonardo plays a key role in collecting and transforming data in information useful to assess the impact of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the hydrogeological situation and the use of natural resources. Massimo Comparini, CEO of e-GEOS (JV between Telespazio and ASI) explains that “Leonardo’s solutions can help crucially in monitoring and planning emergency and rescue operations”.