Less plastic. Better future. One cup at a time. 

Kotkamills is revolutionizing paper production and recycling with its plastic-free next generation barrier board solutions.

Fifty years ago, plastic was hailed as the miracle material that would change packaging forever. Today, we are more aware than ever of how plastic – for all its advantages – poses a threat to our environment and well-being. Kotkamills offers more responsible alternatives to disposables that contain plastic

Every single choice by consumers makes a huge impact on our future. Kotkamills has taken up as its mission to give consumers and manufacturers a chance to save the world from single use plastics. By combining the traditional Finnish wood and paper industry with innovative research and development they have created a way forward.

“By making plastic-free products with water-based dispersion barriers, we are putting the future of sustainable packaging in the hands of companies and consumers. Especially for fibre-based packaging producers, the rapid growth in demand for recyclable and sustainable packaging is a great opportunity. Of course, no one can change the world overnight, but we can start making a difference one cup at a time,” CEO, Markku Hämäläinen says.

Pollution and waste are a growing problem in our eco system and the global waste footprint seems ever-growing. There is over 250,000 tons of plastic waste in our oceans. Much of this litter comes from food service and packaging materials that are needed to protect the food we consume.

 “Growing waste footprint is a real struggle for the environment. It is a challenge that we at Kotkamills aim to conquer for example by providing plastic-free easily recyclable and biodegradable cupstock.” Director, Barrier Boards, Saila Kettunen states.

Kotkamills proves that packaging and food service industry is an important part of sustainable development and circular economy. Plastic-free easily recyclable solutions offer new opportunities for value creation throughout the value chain. Instead of being a piece of waste, a used cup is valuable raw material for other fiber based products. The local businesses in Kotka are already successfully taking advantage of the circular economy business model with their Game Changer Loop.

Kotkamills produces up to 400,000 tons of board annually in Kotka, Finland. In addition to ISLA® cupstock, the mill offers a wide range of other food service and folding boxboard grades with or without the barriers that provide effective protection against grease, liquids or moisture from absorbing into the package. All the products are plastic-free and easily recyclable.

Kotkamills wants to give consumers a chance to make a change in the world we leave to the next generations. Their sustainable products offer a chance for the individual consumer to affect the future and the environment with a small gesture that will make a concrete change.

 “We want to lead the development of new technologies in replacing plastic in the packages. Facing these new challenges is not always easy but with our innovative staff we can conquer them” 
Kettunen ends.

“Change the Game with us!”

Kotkamills Team