Haldex creates a world of safer vehicles

 Haldex’s sustainability ambitions show the kind of company we seek to be. Haldex’s sustainability vision is to contribute to society by improving vehicle safety and efficiency with its products’ performance and optimization of resources. Three areas have been identified as key to making a real difference and, in these three areas, we have drawn up global objectives and policies – Safe Haldex, Ethical Haldex and Green Haldex.


Safe Haldex 

Haldex has a joint, global program for safety – Safety #1 – whereby safety is a number-one priority. We have zero tolerance for workplace accidents. To achieve our target, we work with safer environments, training and attitude changing. We work according to the motto “If you can’t do it safely, don’t do it.” New measurement methods have been introduced, such as more nuanced measurement of incidents that often serve as a warning sign for more serious accidents. Reinforcing positive behaviours is also important, and showing why all incidents should be reported, no matter how insignificant they seem.

Ethical Haldex

Haldex has zero tolerance for bribery, corruption, child labor and discrimination. All employees are trained in the Code of Conduct.

 A version of the Haldex Code of Conduct has been introduced for suppliers, detailing even more clearly what levels a supplier needs to achieve to be part of the Haldex network. We continuously assess suppliers through both planned and unannounced visits. Haldex has a development program for suppliers, with the aim of raising quality among suppliers through joint projects where both Haldex and the suppliers benefit from the results. These projects continue over many months to get suppliers to truly realize the benefits of a changed approach.

 A challenge for companies like Haldex is the large number of suppliers in many cases operating in countries where there are problems with the work environment, business ethics, safety and the environment. Partnerships are terminated with suppliers whom we felt could not prove future compliance with the established requirements.


 A bright future

Environmental issues play a major role in our sustainability work. With eight production plants and a number of restoration facilities, Haldex’s environmental management achieves noticeable effects. All of our production plants around the world comply with ISO 14001 requirements for their Environmental Management Systems as a minimum.

A “Green performance map” has been developed for each production unit. This is an analysis of how much material, energy and resources that are consumed by the facility, and the emissions and waste that it generates. Facts about resource usage and emissions in some 30 different areas have been compiled. In analysing the data, Haldex has concluded that the most important key figures to monitor and set targets for are CO2 emissions and material efficiency.

An equally important part of our environmental efforts is product development. Environmental issues and sustainability are key parameters taken into account in the development process. The environmental impact of our customers’ usage of our products is equally as important as the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.