Fostering positive changes in the world of industrial minerals


At Imerys, we take our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because when you work with minerals and operate in over 50 countries as we do at Imerys, CSR is central to business growth and transformation. It also helps us contribute to sustainable development in the places where we live and work.

Always conscious of our role in society, we respect the world in which we operate, recognizing that we have a role to play and obligations to the communities in which we do business and a duty to act as responsible environmental stewards. Our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen underpins our relationships with all our stakeholders, from employees, customers, suppliers, governments, shareholders, and local communities as well as society more broadly.

Imerys’ sustainability journey has a strong solid past, building on and continuously improving year after year in environment, social and governance performance. For over 15 years we have conducted an internal Sustainable Development Challenge to mobilize our teams around the world and highlight the way we contribute to local communities and environmental stewardship through our operations. Constant commitment and innovative initiatives, over 1000 submitted to date, have been key to the significant achievements made so far.

Imerys’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is evident through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, SustainAgility, which is fully aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our CSR program is overseen by a CSR Steering Committee chaired by the Group CEO, and several members of our Executive Committee, highlighting how important it is to Imerys. The program is structured in three areas;


  • empowering our people by making sure our employees and contractors stay healthy and safe, nurturing their talent, promoting diversity & inclusion, fostering social dialogue and safeguarding human rights;
  • caring for our planet by protecting the environment, promoting resource efficiency, preserving biodiversity, and acting on climate change; and
  • building for the future by behaving ethically, operating fairly, ensuring a responsible supply chain, engaging with communities and promoting innovative sustainable products and technologies.


We use the SDGs as a framework to help articulate where we can have positive impacts on society. Our Sustainagility program is consistent with the global Goals and we have identified the specific SDGs where Imerys can make the most significant impact through its operations across the world.

Nine of the 17 SDGs have been targeted as Goals where we can contribute directly and significantly to a global agenda. 

Being part of a global discussion on sustainability is critical for our business. It’s not about taking a photograph of where we are today, but rather about looking forward to the future to ensure we continue on our sustainability journey as leaders fostering positive changes in the world of industrial minerals.

“It is our ambition to be recognized as a leader in sustainability by all our stakeholders.” – Conrad Keijzer, Imerys CEO.