Fly for a better world with Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines was established in 1984, as China’s first airline operating under the modern enterprise system. Reform and innovation has been inspiring us since its foundation and pushing us to seek for sustainable development.

On February 15, 2017, we signed an agreement with the UN, and became the first airline in the world to cooperate with the UN on the SDGs. Early this year, we continued our cooperation till 2030.

Over the past two years, not only have we built the SDGs concept into our brand fabric, but also made every effort to promote the Goals globally. Moreover, we joined hands with the UN headquarters, UN in China, UN entities and international organizations to launch online and offline thematic events aimed at promoting the SDGs.

 The United Dream and featured theme flights

 In January, 2019, we received the only SDGs Branded aircraft that officially confirmed by the UN, named “United Dream”. It joined the fleet in March, and now acts as the “ambassador in the air” to promote the Goals with featured theme flights on a regular basis.

 Our first SDGs themed flight took off on 12th of August, 2018. By far, we’ve run 4 different themed flights: Youth and the Earth, We In Action, Run For #CleanSeas and 423 We Read Together. The total exposure of the three themed flights exceeded 750 million. This, inspires us to do more and better in the future.

Build Sustainable Development Concept into Brand Fabric

In June, 2017, a document entitled Jointly Undertaking the Global Mission of Sustainable Development-The Xiamen Airlines Sustainable Development Plan was published. It covers 12 sub-items and 95 concrete measures within four major fields that essential to aviation industry, respectively Continuous Safety, Low-carbon Operations, Green Services and Shared Benefits, which serves as the company’s guide to sustainable development.

 With this guide, we practice green policy on every aspect. For instance, reasonably controlling the drinks supply onboard, optimizing routes and modifying carbon brakes. By doing these, 300 thousand tons of fuel, and 6 million kilowatts of electricity have been saved. We have made great achievement in energy saving and emission reduction, as well as a balance of social and commercial value.

 Fly for A Better World

The Sustainable Development Goals focus on the long-term interests of humanity. Through carrying the message of SDGs around the world, we hope more of our partners and more people will join us and take actions.

To achieve the Goals is a long way off, and it will take a lots of time and effort. But we sincerely believe that, we can make the world better by sharing our solutions.