Engineering Innovation in Augmented City

All around the world we are witnessing cities becoming larger and more complex to manage and to live in. This “urbanization” trend can be supported and managed though. To support Cities we do not believe that technology is the (only) answer, but smart, sustainable services are. We believe that services, built around core processes, that leverage traditional technology as well as the new digital enabling technologies are the way forward. Smart Services where ultimately technology is embedded to allow all players to focus on results. We focus on core processes (ex: mobility and tax management) and we are working to transform them, via Public Private Partnerships. The Smart City concept is basically: Urban planning supported by digital technology, offering new models.

Engineering’s is one of Europe’s and longest standing Technology companies. We offer services, deliver projects and build solutions, applications and platforms. We have worked for and with our clients in some cases for 3 or 4 decades and our knowledge of their core processes is deep. Coupling this knowledge with our skills in both traditional and new technologies is our way of approaching digital transformation.  We help our customers bridge the gap from technology to business outcomes by anticipating their needs, exploring innovative and frontier technologies and focusing our services to their business needs.

The Engineering Group, coming from an impressive growth as a technology provider, understood early on that supporting cities challenges required a dedicated approach. For this reason, a few years ago, was founded Municipia (latin word that means city), the Engineering’s company dedicated to this. 

Our mission is to augment cities. At Engineering we believe that improving the quality of life, for all city actors, by augmenting the way they use time and space can only be achieved by delivering sustainable, smart services. This enables citizens as well as business to live, work, use cities in a sustainable and durable way, acting on 5 main focus areas: Security, Mobility, Sustainability, Interactivity and Welfare.

Moving towards Data economy combining data from different data sources embracing all data providers. At the core of everything is Data. Data which is locked away across multiple silos, spread across multiple applications. Ultimately Data which can not be fully leveraged.

Digital transformation is the key. We are witnessing a subtle but decisive change: we are shifting from technology platforms to digital business platforms. We have built an ecosystem platform for Augmented Cities and beyond to harmonize data, called Digital Enabler. This platform allows data from different sources to be discovered (in the case of open data), collected, harmonized, synchronized and integrated. It is used to develop new digital services as well as digitally enabling older technologies and outdated applications. In the Augmented City context it opens up city data and allows it to be enriched and utilized as a first step towards digital transformation and a new data economy. It provides a single point of knowledge useful to monitor how monitored actions and activities affect city.