UL, Empowering Trust in a Sustainable World

UL, a global testing, inspection and certification organization, made societal improvement its mission over 125 years ago when our founder committed himself to improving electrical safety. We’ve gone through many changes over the years but our mission to improve safe living and working environments for all continues into the 21st century.

Through science-based measurement and evaluation, UL helps customers operationalize sustainability across their value chains. Our proprietary software platforms track, measure and analyze never-ending streams of data to help businesses meet regulatory and disclosure needs.

The insights gleaned from these software platforms also help businesses move from a linear mindset to a forward thinking, more sustainable circular approach. Our team of experts work with clients to refine it supply chains, reduce product discharge, adopt cleaner and more efficient forms of energy, and assess materials, processes and alternative, sustainable options.

Commitment key

To help build stronger communities, UL helps weather proof buildings through product testing; improve air quality through reduced product emissions; provide cleaner water through field analysis and wastewater workshops. We work with local, regional and national governments to incorporate safe and sustainable management programs for every aspect of city life.

Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place. We hope you will join us in this effort – collaboration and commitment are the key to unlocking a more sustainable future for us all.