Dallas Fort Worth International Airport: The first carbon neutral airport in North America and the largest in the world

 At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, a global world-class superhub, we have spent more than two decades minimizing our carbon footprint and are proud to be the first carbon neutral airport in North America and the largest in the world. The cumulative impact of 40 years of programs and efforts has led to an airport that is recognized as a leader in the industry and strong partner in the community. Our Strategic Plan and Sustainability and Diversity programs support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programs and initiatives at DFW Airport directly advance 15 of the 17 UN SDGs.

At DFW, our work towards carbon neutral airport accreditation started before we fully understood the impact of the UN SDGs. As part of the Airport’s Strategic Plan and related to Climate Change (SDG13), carbon management was identified as fundamental in the way the Airport operates. In 2018, our carbon reduction goal was achieved two years early by transitioning our ground transportation fleet to renewable natural gas and optimizing bus routes. In 2019, the Airport set a much higher goal of 21% reduction in carbon emissions.

From leading the industry in carbon neutrality to creating new business markets for small business owners, we are redefining expectations for the Dallas-Fort Worth community and customers through Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9). This starts with our commitment to integrate and prioritize the UN SDGs and ESG standards into management and operational decision-making.


Preserving the environment for future generations is critical to the continuity of DFW Airport. We embrace sustainability through natural resource conservation and operational efficiency that is continuously improving. Our environmental stewardship initiatives include ongoing management of energy, water, waste, air quality, noise and wildlife


At DFW, people play a leading role in the success of our Airport and its objectives. The Airport engages with a broad range of stakeholders to build advocacy, develop business diversity, provide economic opportunities in North Texas and support employees. We’re proud of our efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workforce for our more than 228,000 employees, correlated to Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8). 


We are committed to conducting business ethically, with accountability through governance. This includes leadership from the Airport Board of Directors and Owner Cities as well as risk management programs, crisis response and transparent communications.

At DFW Airport, we provide exceptional service to the 69 million diverse customers that travel through the Airport each year, and provide a safe, diverse, and fair working environment for employees and business partners.