Choosing the right way not the easy way

Back in 1999, three people called Richard, Adam, and Jon started innocent with a simple aim: to make it easy for people to do themselves and others some good. With ¼ of adults in the UK not getting their 5 a day, our drinks have always been an easy, tasty way for people to get more fruit in their lives – and mouths. But we do a lot more than just squeeze fruit into bottles.

We’ve built our business from the ground up around being a force for good. We know that the more good stuff we sell, the more good we’ll do – because since day one we’ve given 10% of our profits to charity, helping to feed the world’s hungry.

As part of this, we set up the innocent foundation in 2004. It’s an independent registered charity, funded by our employees, shareholders and company, and we’re incredibly proud of it. In total, we’ve donated £9.7m to the foundation. They’ve partnered with brilliant charities, all across the world, and helped over 800,000 hungry people.

As well as helping people, we also think it’s important to look after this green and blue ball we all call home. We’ve always thought long and hard about our impact on the planet, and we first started using recycled plastic in our bottles in 2003 – it’s never been the cheapest way, but we’ve always been confident it’s the best. We’re proud to say that our smoothie bottles now use recycled and plant plastic, which we think is a big step towards tackling two of the biggest problems facing the earth – climate change and plastic pollution. We’re big believers that both these beasts can be hit in one fell swoop. The answer starts with circular and ends with economy. The circular economy means treating plastic with the respect it deserves. Using less of it. Not littering it. Recycling it over and over and over (and then a few more times after that).

The natural next step for us was to become a B Corp. It’s a useful, robust and independent validation that we actually do what we say we do, and it means we’re part of an incredible movement of companies that are shifting the image of business from greed to good.

We’re balancing the need to make a profit with a strong commitment to doing what is right for our customers, our employees, our partners, and our planet, just as we always have done.

It’s clear that this is now more important than ever. We’re the first generation that can’t say we didn’t know and the last generation that can do anything about it. We know that together we can help. It’s a problem to solve, and business has a real chance to help solve.