Changing Eating Habits for a Healthier Planet

At the moment, the food industry is going through a rapid change. Only in recent years have we understood the massive environmental impact that food has. The tone of the discussion around food has therefore changed radically: for instance, reducing the amount of meat in the diet is not considered as giving something up but as finding true alternatives. This is also the thought behind Pulled Oats by Gold&Green. It is a plant-based protein that puts the Nordic oats in the center of the dish.

The idea of Pulled Oats was born in 2015 by two Finnish women who discovered its tremendous untapped potential as something very different by developing the Pulled Oats. The idea sprung from the thought that we wanted to be a part of the solution in the global environmental crisis, so we are developing ecological and healthy protein foods from Nordic oats and legumes. “Plant-based food has to be healthy, easy to prepare and ­– most importantly – mouth-wateringly delicious,” says Maija Itkonen, CEO of Gold Green Foods. Pulled Oats was introduced on the Finnish market in 2016 and has grown successfully ever since.

A Third of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The food sector today is an industry responsible for up to 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. We are approaching a global population of 8,5 billion by 2030 and if we continue to eat as we do today we would then consume 50 percent more food and 40 percent more water. It is obvious that changes are needed in our diets in order to strive for a viable planet in the future. By increasing the number of plant-based meals per week and choosing more sustainable packaging, consumers can positively impact the environment.

Pulled Oats has “saved more than 12 billion liters of water” in Finland alone, “considering the amount of pork or chicken they replaced.” With packaging made out of recycled materials, such as water bottles, Pulled Oats helps consumers lower their environmental impact.


The Nutritional Qualities of Oats 

We believe that with sustainable food production and regenerative farming methods, we can create a food system which supports people and our planet. It’s no secret that oats have great nutritional qualities. Oats contain lots of fiber, which is good for your digestion and your heart, among other things. Pulled Oats is a uniquely tailored composition of oats, faba beans, and yellow peas, which means that it’s packed with even more nutritional benefits. Gold&Green Foods deliver improved nutrition sustainably: more protein, all of the essential amino acids, good unsaturated fats, and high in iron.

A World without Hunger 

World hunger is still a massive problem in this world which needs a solution. As animal agriculture depletes vital resources, including land and water, it creates a variety of long-term problems. Shifting towards a plant-based future not only increases the amount of land available for agriculture but is also a step forward in eliminating world hunger. Promoting plant-based foods and the use of recycled materials is one key way in slowing down our environmental footprint and speeding up towards a world without hunger.

One Meal at a Time

People are tremendously interested in expressing their values also with the food they are eating. Therefore, plant based food is now becoming increasingly normal on our tables. During the past few years, the fragmentation of the range of proteins consumed has been an enormous transformation. At the moment, the food industry is going through inspiring times and like Maija Itkonen says, “We can change the world one meal at a time.”