A home port vital for a sustainable future

Leadership in sustainability

As one of the most important links in trade between Europe and the rest of the world, the Antwerp port platform is exposed to a global field of forces in constant change. Yet, the Port of Antwerp is taking a leading role in reconciling economic, social and ecological interests. Sustainable growth; a radical modal shift; the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy; digital transition; safety and security are top priorities for the Port of Antwerp.

In a rapidly changing world, the mission and vision of the Port of Antwerp expresses the ambition to remain successful by carefully growing a home base while maintaining a global perspective as a prominent node in world trade. The Port of Antwerp acts as a lever that enables other stakeholders to grasp opportunities and face challenges. In this way we will work towards a sustainable future for our customers, suppliers, personnel and other stakeholders.

 In the next few years we will need to achieve more while using no more than the current set of resources. Yet we are convinced we can achieve this transition by concentrating on five well-defined strategic priorities: Sustainable growth, mobility, transition, safety & security and operational excellence.


Strong through collaboration

The Antwerp port platform is the most powerful engine of the Belgian economy. Unique in the port is the clustering of logistics, maritime and industrial activities stimulating sustainable business operations, that in turn create a greater environmental impact and economic efficiency. One in every 16 people works in or for the Port of Antwerp, and the platform generates 21 billion euros of direct and indirect added value, or 8.1% of the total for the Flemish region.

The Antwerp Port Authority acts as a community builder by facilitating the dialogue between all stakeholders on the port platform and initiating actions to achieve the transition to a more sustainable global supply chain. We engage with all of our diverse stakeholders more actively in order to get things moving and arrive at concrete solutions.

In addition, we aim to be a pioneer, smoothening the path for innovation while investing in those areas in which the market has not developed yet. For example, the Port of Antwerp aims to lead by example by 2020 as it comes to the digital transition. Together with different stakeholders we initiated NxtPort – a central data platform which will collect data from various parts of the logistics chain. New technologies make it possible to process big data on a large scale and make it available to the players in the field, so that transaction will become more efficient. Movements of trucks, containers, trains, … will be optimized, and ultimately reduce the impact on the environment.

 We aim to further consolidate our external legitimacy and credibility and to meet the promise of our mission and vision: to build a sustainable home port for our customers, suppliers, employees and all other stakeholders. A port, that future generations can be proud of