3M: Sustainability and Innovation

Our world faces tremendous challenges in this time of unprecedented change.  With the planet’s population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the global community must seek solutions tolimited natural resources, access to education and healthcare, rapid urbanization, and climate crisis. Amid all these trends, we know science plays critical role in ensuring a resilient future where everyone can thrive. 

 At 3M, science is at the heart of what we do. We collaborate with our customers, governments, and communities — with the ambition to improve every life.

 Imagine a world where every life is improved 

 At 3M, we look at Sustainability in terms of shared global needs.  The challenges we must solve for a sustainable future don’t always follow clear rules or methods — but we see them clearly.  And we understand the impact we make in improving our business, our planet, and every life can be far greater if done in partnership with our customers, communities, and partners.

A framework for a greater good

 At 3M we know that science is just science, until you apply it to change the world. Our ambition is to grow our business by collaborating to help solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

 Our customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders are asking for bigger commitments and stronger actions. In 2018 we announced a new Strategic Sustainability Framework to direct our efforts to areas in which we can contribute the greatest impact. Building on our global capabilities and diverse technologies, we are focusing on three priority areas:

 Science for Circular: Design solutions that do more with less material, advancing a global  circular economy.

 Science for Climate: Innovate to decarbonize industry, accelerate global climate solutions and improve our environmental footprint.

Science for Community: Create a more positive world through science and inspire people to join us.

These priority areas guide business decisions and strategy, as well as how we focus our efforts for local and global  community impact.

Learn more about 3M’s commitments to sustainability  at www.3M.com/Sustainability.