17 steps to a better future

At Aberdeen Standard Investments, we aim to be the industry leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment – helping to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ investments, while contributing to a sustainable world. Everything we do as an organisation is focused on generating the best long-term outcomes for our clients.

Today, we have a market-leading ESG resource in terms of the number of people, and their experience, expertise and talent. Our 20-strong central ESG Investment team supports all the asset classes in which we invest. Underlying them, we have over 50 dedicated ESG analysts and champions carrying out research and making investment decisions.

Our success lies in our ability to connect across teams, geographies and markets to generate robust investment solutions for our clients. We also play a pivotal role in connecting our investment decision-makers more closely with the aims and objectives of our clients.

The Importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs)  

As part of our ESG mission, we are committed to helping the United Nations (UN) achieve its vitally important SDGs.

One way we do this is by actively engaging companies on gender diversity. This ties in directly to the UN’s Goal 5 of achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls – which we agree is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

We work with companies to help them increase diversity at both board and senior management level, as well as across the workforce generally. This diversity can improve decision-making and overall company performance. It can also make a big difference to employee wellbeing, the talent companies can attract, and their ability to retain that talent.

Investing with impact

We support the aims of the SDGs through our equity impact investment solutions. These involve investing in listed companies or organisations that are attractive from a financial position, but whose activities, technologies or products are specifically designed to address the planet’s long-term problems.

Here, the SDGs provide an excellent framework for identifying, measuring and quantifying the positive impact of companies across the globe. For companies, the SDGs help ensure their efforts are directed to the areas of greatest need. We believe that supporting the SDGs creates tangible opportunities for companies to contribute positively to society and the environment, while simultaneously enhancing the long-term financial value of the business.

A bright future

There is much work to be done to address the UN’s ambitious SDGs. However, through embedding ESG insights into our investment process, active engagement with companies at all levels and pioneering investment solutions, such as impact investing, we and other investment companies are ideally placed to make the UN’s 17 goals a reality.